[Method] Moot cards

Today, as a card game lover, I must introduce you to a method idea I had while doing Planning Poker on an Agile project, and realizing some hot subjects were so often, and so easily, drifting the meeting away from its purpose.

You may have a great animator or facilitator, an awesome team, respectful people and so on, while still having difficulties once in a while keeping everybody from speaking at the same time. Or you don’t have any of that.


There’s always a reason : the deadline approaches; some personalities are strong here; some subjects are burning; there’s a strong familiarity there; those people can’t stand each other; etc.

Your team needs to moot – but classical meetings aren’t efficient enough.

Let’s play a game of silence and speaking, turn by turn.
Let’s play moot cards !

to moottalk, discuss, debate, argue


me okay more round

  • ME – “I want to speak next”
    Raise that card if you want to speak.
  • OKAY – “I have no objections with what is being said”
    Raise that card to validate or support someone’s saying.
  • MORE – “Give that person another turn”
    Raise that card when you request another turn for the person currently speaking.
  • ROUND – “I want to hear from everybody”
    Raise that card to request that everyone in the team tell their opinion one after another about the subject.

timeout skip break silence

  • TIMEOUT – “Stop ! You need to hear me first”
    Raise that card when you request to interfere : you have an information that changes the situation, ends the subject, or the building is in fire.
  • SKIP – “We don’t have time for this”
    Raise that card when you request skipping the current subject : it’s irrelevant, counter-productive, or simply not a priority.
  • BREAK – “Let’s take a break”
    Raise that card when you think it’s time for a break.
    It has to last at the very least one turn.
  • SILENCE – “We should stop and think”
    Raise that card when you request a silent turn to think more efficiently for a bit.


Required tools

  • A pack of moot cards for everyone
  • A timer (hourglass, chronometer, phone app…)

A good setting

  1. Everybody leave their phones and computers away.
    Coffees, teas, cookies and such are welcome though.
  2. An animator is designated to present the subjects.
    He/She ensures that everything in need to be discussed comes up during the meeting.
  3. An arbitrator is designated to watch the cards played.
    He/She ensures that the moot cards are rightfully taken into account.
  4. The duration of a turn is voted by hand before the meeting starts.
    Propose 3, 5 or 7 minutes for example.

Game rules

  • Only one person speaks at a time.
  • Every intervention is timed.
  • Speaking can’t last more than a turn.
  • Speaking can last less than a turn.
  • The same two cards must be played to be taken into account.
    To the exception of : – ME card- TIMEOUT card
  • You break the rules, you buy a coffee to the whole team 🙂


Tried a moot cards meeting ?
Let me hear about your experience in the comments section.



A4 printing sheet – Front



A4 printing sheet – Back



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